Rain Rain Go Away!!!!

Rainy Day Puddles

Rainy days are great…..living in the country, we dont get enough of them. This winter however we dont have that complaint. We have had so much rain that the possibility of flood has been looming.

My son was pretty happy that he got two days off school this week because the road to his school was impassable and the  bus couldn’t make it through….Which was great for him but not so great for me when it comes to getting my usual day to day tasks done….

So what do you do when you need to get stuff done but the kids want to go and jump in puddles? Well at first I let them go and jump in puddles…after all, these sort of activities are what childhood is made of, but after a morning of wet play outside it was time to come in and get some work done….So out comes the array of wet weather activities that we have accumulated over the years with three small children.

Top of the list for my kids is Playdough. They love to create playdough monsters and snowmen or just roll out a flat piece and cut shapes out. Click here for a Yummy Citrus Smelling Playdough recipe

Next up is Painting. Whilst painting can be a messy enterprise for little hands, you can help protect their clothes by covering them up with an easy smock that can be made by buttoning up one of dads old office workshirts back to front. Roll up the sleeves and away you go….clean clothes after a painting frenzy.

In the same vein as painting is colouring in…I like to draw loopy squiggles and get the kids to colour in the shapes. Or get them to draw their own loopy squiggles to colour in.


Good old Jigsaws and Board Games. Thankfully my kids love Jigsaws and Board Games. We try to stick to simple ones for the kids with big pieces. I also incorporate some number and colour learning by asking questions like “what colour is this piece?” and “how many pieces do we have left?” Board games like Connect 4 and Go Bananas are a big hit in my house and incorporate turn taking lessons and cooperation practice…Something my kids are desperately in need of.

When all else fails I bring out the big guns like our huge box of Legos and Match Box cars and we build garages and towns and let the kids imaginations run wild….

So hopefully with these ideas and some creative adjustments you will be able to keep your kids entertained long enough to get some of the basic chores done around your home on those wet days when a bad case of I’m Boreditis has arrived in your house….


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  1. stomperdad says:

    After I’ve done my share of entertaining if I hear “I’m bored” that my cue that it’s chore time 🙂 And that’s their cue to either entertain themselves or help me clean. The youngest (5) usually doesn’t mind helping out. The oldest (9) hates cleaning so he finds something to do. Continuous rainy days can be tough! Ours LOVE puddle jumping, too.


    1. That’s a fantastic idea! I love ‘chore time’s as a response to boredom…I will definitely be introducing that in my household!

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      1. stomperdad says:

        It works wonders. My oldest disappears like it’s a magic trick (without the smoke, though) when it’s chore time. He’s suddenly not bored any more 🙂


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