To the Extreme!!

Way back when my partner and I only had one little munchkin to chase around, we had high and lofty dreams to live off the grid in a cabin in the woods that we had built ourselves, to raise our own chickens and grow a big veggie garden to feed us.

Unlike most people, we were actually given the opportunity to follow our dream….and this is our story….

We moved our little family 900metres above sea level, on the side of a mountain, in the Central Tablelands of NSW and got to work. Unfortunately, we had chosen a month where one of the long lasting droughts that Australia is famous for decided to break, and we started our adventure in one of the wettest months on record in our little neck of the woods.

So we pitched our tents to shelter our few possessions that we had decided to bring with us and started digging foundations for where our little kit cabin would go. Sounds easy enough right? Wrong!!!

Funnily enough, my previous building experience (that had encompassed flat pack furniture and Lego creations) didn’t stand me in good stead to support my partner very well in our new endeavors and so it came as a great shock to me that cement doesn’t like to set in cold and rainy conditions….Who would have guessed!!!!

So once the foundations were laid (and dried) and we managed to maneuver the floor pieces in place, we started raising the walls. Then came what I thought was to be the hardest part of the cabin building enterprise…getting the roof on. I was very apprehensive how one strong man and one not so strong woman was going to manage this feat, up a ladder, whilst trying to keep an eye on a 14 month old boy who loved to explore and ‘help out’ with Daddy’s building….. surprisingly the roof went on with minimum fuss and no where near as many swear words as I imagined.

Then all that was needed was insulation, dry wall, paint, flooring, a fireplace, wiring, some form of toilet area and then we could move in… sweat!!!

We started building in March and by May we were ready to move in, we got our fireplace (of sorts…) installed in June and we were set to brave the winter on our mountain…… be continued….To the Extreme!! (Part 2)

The cabin before installation…its just a giant jigsaw puzzle…easy peasy!!!


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