How to stop buying and start making your own reusable cleaning wipes…..

How to stop buying and start making your own reusable cleaning wipes…..

As a mum of three small children, I buy alot of wet wipes…I mean ALOT…as in we have actual wardrobe dedicated to storing the boxes of wipes we buy in bulk…and that wardrobe gets opened on a daily basis….So once I worked out that an actual double digit percentage of our income is spent on wipes, I realised that something had to change…either I could stop buying them and accept a level of mess and dirt that personally revolts me, or I could find an alternative to that convenient little square that is always on hand but oh so bad for the environment….especially when flushed down to the toilet….

“Fears giant wipe filled fatberg could destroy sewage system”

“How wet wipes are destroying the planet”

The Alternative..

I was doing my usual late night activity…browsing the net whilst praying that my monsters little angels would stay asleep for five frickin’ minutes…. and I stumbled across this brilliant idea….Make Your Own Reusable Wipes!

So simple, so obvious….but yet not something I had ever thought of….all I needed was a large glass jar ( 6 cup or 50 ounces capacity or near….), facecloths, water, vinegar, some sort of liquid soap and Essential Oils if I wished to add them. For once in my life I actually had all of the things that I needed to do a project I found. So after a few months of use, and some tweaking of the recipe….here is my recipe for Make Your Own Reusable Cleaning Wipes.

 You Will Need…..

What to Do….

  • Add 2 Cups of Water and 2 Cups of Vinegar to the Jar. Add Liquid Soap and the Essential Oil of your choice.
  • Add the Face Clothes
  • Add the last Half Cup of the Water and Half Cup of Vinegar.
  • Place the lid on and shake to wet all the Face Clothes.
  • Use with a smug smile because you are saving money and reducing landfill at the same time….

blog pic

Thanks for coming on this little journey with me, if you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave a comment or Contact me here….

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