To the Extreme!! (Part 2)

This post is a follow on from To the Extreme!!…so as not  to be confused, you should probably pop over and check that out if you haven’t already read it…

Winter had well and truly rolled in, a ‘warm’ day was one where the temperature soared to 5 degrees (40 degrees F) …..Our days were spent making sure  that we had adequate firewood for the day, enough water, feeding ourselves and trying to make our little hideaway a bit more habitable…..we were busy clearing brush from around our cabin, making a chicken coop and building an outhouse.



Just to clarify, we were well and truly off the grid…no power, no sewerage and more importantly, no water….we carted our water 1.5kms everyday in 20L (roughly 5 gallons) carboys…You really become aware of your water consumption when you have to lug it up a steep mountain path every day!!

Outhouse frame
The Frame of the Outhouse

In an attempt to feel slightly civilized,we (read: my partner, the handy one…) erected an outhouse to give us a modicum of privacy from the chickens, dog and cat…

Outhouse or doghouse?

However the dog decided that the outhouse would be a great place to snuggle up on those cold days….


Our days merged into one another while we discovered how fulfilling it is to not have those worries of a 9-5 job, traffic, and busy social schedules with no time for yourself. We also discovered that it is damn hard work to get ANYTHING done whilst trying to entertain a 1 year old on the side of a mountain.

One particularly cold night in June, celebrating my partners birthday; we were sitting outside around the fire drum sharing a delicious bottle of mead (another great discovery on our journey off grid…) I started feeling a bit off. It wasn’t until the next day that I was thinking in a decidedly female way of the last time I had had a visit from the monthly ritual that all females go through…if you know what I mean, and I realized it had been quite sometime, so a chemist visit and a doctors appointment confirmed what I was pretty sure of….our darling little son was about to have his very secure only child position smashed out from underneath him…yep…I was pregnant!!!

Seems all that fresh mountain air and hard work was more fulfilling than I thought….as happy as we were to welcome a second little delight into our family, we weren’t exactly living in a new born friendly environment, and with an encroaching pregnancy I knew that our snails pace of completing necessary tasks to make the cabin child proof would slow down even more…so what were we to do?

Well as it turned out our fate was decided for us….we received a very generous offer and were able to buy our home…We eventually decided that with two small children it  would probably be best to buy somewhere a bit more “normal” and found a house in a little town…In a matter of  months we went from being cabin building, Mountain dwellers with one child to first home owners with two children…..and that my friends is why we moved off the mountain.

One day, hopefully sooner rather than later, we will move back off the grid, but for now we will continue learning and experimenting so when we do it again we will have more of an idea on what is needed……

418595_350613511627629_160442477_n (2)
Misty mornings before the cabin went up….

Have you ever made an extreme move and loved, or loathed, it? Let me know in the comments what your extremest move has been….

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