Are you a Triage Parent?

There’s lots of talk these days about parenting styles…..back when I was a kid it seemed the only parenting styles were Good Parenting and Bad Parenting….either your kids were looked after or they were neglected. Thankfully my parents were subscribers to the “Good” parenting style. I was well looked after and fed. Not everyone was so lucky unfortunately.

These days however you can be a helicopter parent, an authoritarian parent, a permissive parent, an uninvolved parent and so on….my partner and I have come up with a different style altogether…..a Triage Parent.

As parents of three kids, we tend to be pulled in three different directions at once….When there was only two it wasn’t so hard….one child went one way and there was a parent to intercept any mischief or danger that may occur, the other child went another and there was still a parent there to intercept…..However when you add a third child into that mix there is always one little bundle of joy who can get away and get into trouble… With three young kids who are constantly clamoring for attention, or a drink, or a cuddle to sooth that bump from misadventures or for Mum/Dad to play, build Lego, or any of the other million requests that are made each and every day – it feels like it is the child that clamors the loudest (or is bleeding/injured/sick/in danger) that gets the attention….hence the ‘Triage Parenting’ style.

As a parent of multiple children you get used to quickly assessing a situation to determine who needs you the most….can the four yr old wait a few minutes for that drink whilst you deal with a six yr old who has scrapped their knee….can the two yr old be trusted not to raid the unlocked crockery cupboard whilst you take the four yr old to the toilet (she doesn’t like to sit in there by herself because there might be crocodiles apparently…) These type of assessments are a constant theme of parenting for me….does this make me an over anxious parent or just simply one who would prefer to head problems off at the pass before they become serious? And don’t worry, my kids still manage to surprise me and get into lots of mischief (or fun depending on whether you are looking at it from a child’s perspective).

What are your thoughts? Should Triage Parenting be added to the ever increasing list of Parenting styles…..Do you Triage Parent yourself……or are we just disorganized parents who are reactive instead of proactive……or am I just a sleep deprived mum giving in to her sleep deprived ramblings….either way, drop me a comment and let me know what you think?

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