2018 Goals


2018goalsI’m just gonna put it out there……2018 is going to be big!!!

I have always been a fly by the seat of my pants kinda girl….. I didn’t plan and set goals because I always felt bad when I didn’t achieve them. I didn’t aim high just in case I didn’t succeed… but now I can see that this fear of failure is stopping me from achieving the life of my dreams… and this year I am breaking through that block. I do not like living in fear and that is what I have been doing…but not anymore.

I have set my goals and I am going stick by them and achieve things that I only ever dreamed about.

What big changes are you making this year? What goals would you like to achieve? Mine are simple….no more living in fear…I am going to step into my light and live, serve and love from a place of joy not fear… This year is about No Fear…are you with me??


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