A Not So Good Morning Wake Up…..

You can have all the good intentions in the world to wake up and and start the day right, with love in your heart and a spring in your step. But when you have small children in the house, those intentions can get chewed up and spat out real quickly….

I went to bed last night with plans for the coming day that included knocking out a few blog posts to schedule for the rest of the week, getting some washing done, spending time with the kids, cleaning out my email folder, doing some personal development, spending time with my partner, etc…you get the idea..

However the kids had other ideas, cue the 3am wake up when the two year old decides its time to get up. Usually I would use this time to get some work done whilst I got her back to sleep (anyone else type one handed whilst holding squirming child?). But I am exhausted, after a couple of weeks of sleep that consists of a few hours here and a few hours there, my body has had enough…so I dumped my darling daughter with her dad and went back to sleep…big mistake!! He got her back asleep and went back to sleep himself…unfortunately my daughter is a Ninja Sleeper, she sleeps for just long enough for you to drop off and then she wakes and destroys anything she can get her hands on… unfortunately my partner is a Bear Sleeper….when he is out, he is out, he hibernates and there is not much that can wake him; particularly a sneaky two year old with mischief in mind…

So when my 6yr old  (almost 7 according to him) son woke me up with “Mum, I don’t want to disturb your sleep but you need to see this….” I knew we were in for one of those days. I walked into what I thought was my kitchen but was actually a bomb zone, a custard bomb zone. That was followed by discovering my lounge room was also a custard bomb zone, with some cheese shrapnel thrown in. Yeah, not the best start to the day!!!

My two year old darling daughter ( can you hear the sarcasm?) had decided that she would wake early and get herself a snack out of the fridge, that she then decided to paint all over my floor and carpet with her custard snack (I’m talking about one of those 1L bottles so she had lots to work with!) as well as adding in some cheese and chocolate accents for fun… Have you ever tried to clean custard out of carpet…it is too thick to soak up, but too runny to pick up…so much fun!!!!

So I certainly had some hurdles to jump to get my headspace where it should be this morning….I am a positive person but I am human and eventually you just snap…After an hour of cleaning, stomping and cursing under my breathe my house was back to where it was last night. On the plus side, considering this all happened at 6am..I now have the morning to get started on my good intentions…and I have a blog post for today…not the one I was planning but hey, that’s how life works somedays…

Did your day start off as you planned or were you thrown a curveball as well? Let me know in the comments…god knows I could use a laugh right about now!



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