Daydreamers Unite

A Daydreamer lost in thought…. A phrase that is usually used in a derogatory, critical way, usually in regards to school kids not paying attention in class.

But I think Daydreamers are brave souls who can see that they want to change and improve their life or world… Change is a scary thing for a lot of people, just admitting that change is desired can be a big step in itself!

Maybe I am biased as the phrase “Daydreamer” was used to describe me a lot during the ol’ schooldays. ( But my school classroom window faced out into the most gorgeous vista of the Pacific ocean..can you blame me for getting lost in that!) And if I am honest it could still be correctly used to describe me today. I love nothing else than some quiet time when I can sit still with my thoughts and float away into fantasy planning where and what I want to do and achieve next.

Isn’t goal planning supposed to be productive and admired? So why is the crucial first step of goal planning – working out what you want to achieve so you can work out how to achieve it, a bad thing? Something that people are discouraged from doing… sure there are more and less appropriate times to drift of into future planning daydreams, but sometimes us inspired souls get caught up in the moment and cant help but to float away for a few minutes into the inviting world of our daydreams…

So next time you go to chide someone for being a daydreamer, just remember they could be in the crucial first stages of planning something BIG! Unless they are in mortal danger of being hit by a bus whilst in the middle of their daydream…. leave them be.

Are you a daydreamer? What are your thoughts ( feel free to drift of for a while to make sure you have them all sorted out) on daydreaming being a crucial first step on the goal planning and setting cycle? Drop me a comment below letting me know!


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