Thursday Thoughts.. aka The Crazy Cat Blog..

Well here I am, 17 days into then New Year and 17 new posts on the blog. So far, I have managed to keep to my 2018 mission of posting a blog up every day. But I am struggling today, struggling to come up with something to write or create. The idea of just phoning it in and making some throwaway little image to tide me over has occurred, as did the thought of doing a “Throwback Thursday” and just re-blogging an old blog post.. But I’m not going to do that cause it feels like cheating, and once we go down that slippery path it will be nothing but Cat Pics and Re-blogs of Cat Pics on here…. So I am just gonna ramble and see what appears on the page.

And half an hour later I am still here staring at a blinking cursor and seriously contemplating looking for a Cat Pic…

As you can tell, I like Cats. Surprisingly, for someone who doesn’t think being a crazy cat lady is necessarily a bad thing, we only have one cat in our household. His name is Bruce and he has been with us 16 years now. For a 16 year old cat he is surprisingly agile. He still catches Mice and plays, has his eyesight, hearing and all of his teeth. He is actually one of my proudest accomplishments.. That I have managed to keep him alive, happy and healthy, through numerous moves and lifestyle changes ( city to country, to bushland to small town, with a short stay over at my parents place for a few months whilst building a cabin) fills me with a sense of awe and amazement.

However all that felt like it was crashing down a few days ago when he went missing. We searched high and low, he missed his dinner time (which he NEVER does) but there was no sign of him. I tried to stay positive and remind myself that he would come home, That he was probably just asleep, but I could feel those negative thoughts clouding in. Every time I repelled one with a positive reminder, another flew into its place. I could feel myself starting to darken with sadness at never seeing my Brucie again.  Just as I was miserably trudging out to feed our 2 dogs, I was overwhelmed with a certainty that I would never have the pleasure of tripping over him begging for just a taste of the dogs’ dinner, a routine we have played out every night for years. As I opened the cupboard where the dogs’ food is stored, out popped a little head, demanding some of the dogs dinner… Feelings of disbelief and joy coursed through me. Bruce had been asleep in the cupboard all along. God only knows how he got in there, as the cupboard is kept closed so the dogs don’t go to town on its contents. Or how he shut the door after himself. I can only assume one of my human children helped him, but they all swear they didn’t touch the cupboard. Ultimately it doesn’t matter how he got in there. All that matters is that he was there and not dead or injured somewhere. I was quickly reminded of just how fast it took for those dark thoughts to start knocking on my door. If someone who is generally an upbeat and positive soul can get overwhelmed so quickly, how fast must this process happen in less positive individuals? I gained a new understanding of just how difficult it can be to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts, just because I usually found it easy (most of the time), didn’t mean that the same was simple for everyone else. When something is difficult to do, sometimes it can make people less willing to even try. The spiral into negativity would become easier and easier, more and more comfortable, until that was the base operating level and positivity was seen as unachieveable. All of those “Think Positive” articles, memes and quotes would just be fairytales, written by some depressed person who was faking it. How do you break out of that rut? Do you medicate, either legally or illegally? Is exercise the answer? Or do you hibernate until things suddenly get better? I honestly have no answer. What do you do to break out of that negative spiral and regain your positivity? Let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear your thoughts on this….

Also unless you want to be inundated with Cat Pics and more blogs from me about Cats… let me know what you would like me to write about. This is your chance to save your Reader from being flooded with Cats!!



You didn’t think, after all that, that you would get out of here without a Cat Pic, did you?

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  1. I too am blogging daily for this month while unemployed. Exercise does help, I bike alot to lose weight (which doesn’t happen because if genes, chronic health issues and it makes me hungry) also having no car and hating the slowness of the bus. The positive negative thing is a struggle. Daily yoga helps with that some too. Write what you know and if it’s cats, do cats. Interview your cat maybe.


    1. “interview your cat” lol! Love this idea…. When I am next stuck for inspiration, my followers are getting cat interviews! They can thank/blame you Dude! Thanks for stopping by.

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