My Favourite Green Cleaning Ingredients.

In today’s busy world it seems easier to just reach for that bottle of store bought cleaning solution to aid us in our work. But is it really easier and better to buy your cleaning products from the supermarket?

What is the point of cleaning when your cleaning products are more harmful than the grime you are using them on?

Most store bought cleaning products are filled to the brim with chemicals that are carcinogenic, allergenic, and just plain nasty.

Did you know that there has been no research done on the long term effects of the repeated combined exposure of all of the common toxic substances that we encounter everyday from our cleaning and hygiene products?

There is a variety of health hazards posed by chemicals commonly found in our cleaning cupboards. Short term reactions like Respiratory or Skin Irritation. Chemical Burns or Watery Eyes are common, but there are also long term effects like Cancer, Asthma and Eczema.

So if you are wondering what the alternatives are, look no further… Here are my winners when it comes to low tox cleaning…

1. Vinegar

Cheap and Easy…. Vinegar is an old favourite when it comes to cleaning. It’s acidic nature makes it great for cutting through grease. It is a fantastic glass cleaner all on its own… Simply grab some newspaper and a spray bottle of Vinegar and Water… the more Vinegar the better…and spray and wipe.

2. Sodium Bicarbonate. (Bi-Carb Soda)

Sodium Bicarbonate is one of the most useful pantry items that you have in your arsenal. It is an Alkaline Salt that absorbs odours, and reacts with Vinegar to unclog drains and clean ovens. It is abrasive and can remove particles and stains quickly. However, it’s abrasive nature means that it should not be used on easily scratched surfaces like glass. (Trust me…don’t use it to scrub your glass or ceramic stove top….not a good result!!)

3. Salt

Cooking Salt… a.k.a Sodium Chloride it also an effective scouring agent on it’s own. However when it is teamed up other ingredients ( such as vinegar), it becomes a catalyst to boost cleaning and deodorizing actions. Salt and Lemon Juice is perfect for cleaning and deodorizing Wooden Chopping Boards. Cut a Lemon in half and dip it in a saucer of salt. Use the salt crusted lemon to scrub down your chopping boards. The Salt helps to scour the board, while the acidic Lemon neutralizes any bad smells and helps to sanitize it at the same time.

4. Essential Oils.

Sometimes you need to give your homemade cleaners a boost. Essential Oils are perfect for this!! Some Essential Oils have Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Microbial or Deodorizing properties. Some great oils to try in your own homemade cleaners are Lemon, Eucalyptus, Lime, Tea Tree (Melaleuca), and Orange.

An easy tip, you can place a piece of paper towel in the bottom of your bin and put a few drops of the oil of your choosing on it. Then use a bin liner like normal and your bin will stay smelling fresh for days. Replace the paper towel if it soaks any bin juices up and you will never have a stinky bin again!!

With these four ingredients, some water, soap and a few bottles and cloths, you can make and stock your entire cleaning cupboard for a fraction of the cost. Even better, you can be sure that you are making a positive impact on the environment and your family’s health by renouncing store bought cleaners forever!!

You can get my Essential Oils here… everything else for my cleaners I get from the supermarket.

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