Thursday Thoughts…

Can you hear that?

That beautiful sound of nothing, no fights, no arguing, no “Mum!! I’m Hungry!!”

It’s bliss!!! School is back!!

 I have had a clean house for three consecutive days!!!

As you might have noticed, I am not one of those emotional mums who sees their angels off with tears…. I am the type who pops the champagne at 8am to toast them getting on the bus….

Does that make me a bad mum or just normal to be excited at gaining some form of order out of the usual chaos with three little kids?

It’s not a long post tonight because I am going to finishing clearing the clutter and crap that has accumulated in our house over the Summer Holidays….or maybe I am going to read my book…. either way, whatever I am going to do, I will be able to do it without interruption… bliss!!



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