Thursday Thoughts – Community Connections.

We (as in, my youngest daughter and I) have had a busy couple of days. First we had a new playgroup to attend in the next town over. That meant lots of brand new people that we have never met before, and then today we had a Pancake Morning Tea followed by a meeting of the local women’s group.

I was struck by the recognition at both events of how important Community Connections are to us a Species as well as in building a Sustainable Lifestyle.

Whilst making small talk with one of the other Mums, I overheard snippets of conversations from some of the other small groups talking together whilst watching their children play. Things like recommendations of places to source things, or people in the community who could lend a hand with a particular problem that had cropped up.

It got me thinking about how hard it can be to embark on a new project, or simply just fix something that needs adjusting, if you don’t have support around you. Having the option of asking someone else in a similar situation or location to you how they recommend sorting the issue out often leads to a more successful outcome. When you have contacts and friends, your Net of Knowledge becomes so much wider. You know more Builders, Tradies, Professionals, Shops, Locations, and Experiences. More connections means more chance something will be done quickly, easily, cheaply. With less fuss and more enjoyment.

By taking the time to invest in yourself and becoming part of your local community, you gain access to a fountain of useful knowledge and people. People that can support you in your journey, and that you can help support back. A few hours here and there getting to know others at local functions or events can really pan out in saved time and dollars in the future.

An added benefit is the enjoyment and socialization that you get at the same time. Humans are social creatures, for the most part, and time spent in social situations is generally positive for our mental health, and physical as well, when you take into consideration the health benefits being found in those carrying less stress.

I noticed that I felt a lot more relaxed in my local community today when compared to my day yesterday, when I was connecting with a group of new people, even though they were still technically local to me, I didn’t know any of them personally. Being around people that you know and have socialized with previously is usually always easier than meeting with new people. There is no surprise there. But it is important to step out of our comfort zones and meet new people. When we meet new people, our Net of Knowledge widens and holds even more opportunities for us to develop and grow.

In a Sustainable Lifestyle, you need to be able to make treasure out of whatever you can find. Knowing others who can lend a hand or help nut out a particular problem, you goes hand in hand with sustainability. It is through the sharing of our talents that we are able to build things far greater than ourselves. Ensuring you have good community connections is the foundation of that building process…. so next time you get invited to something in your local community; Go! Invest in your Net of Knowledge and take a little time to build those Community Connections.

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