Thursday Thoughts – As the Seasons Change

Isn’t it funny, today is the first day of March (only two weeks till my birthday!!!) and as we have changed from Summer to Autumn (with a noticeable cool change at night now), my mood has changed too. I have been flat out since the start of the year, but today I woke up groggy and slow. Instead of tackling my to-do list first thing, I took it slow, I only completed the must do tasks on the list and left the usual filler to sit till this afternoon. Whilst momentum is good, sometimes you need to take five; to re-focus, and re-align yourself to what you are aiming for.

Traditionally, the changing season used to call for a change in the work pace. Summer was a time of rabid speed, getting as much as you could possibly get done whilst the sunlight was stronger and more plentiful. Autumn was for finalising things and getting ready for Winter. Winter was for rest and reflection, for planning what you would get done in the coming year. And Spring was for rejoicing the pass of Winter and sowing your seeds for the coming Summer.

Nowadays, with the changing of the workforce to mostly indoors, and the switch from a rural lifestyle to an urban lifestyle, we, as a whole, no longer follow the repetitive dance of the Seasons. But our bodies and minds still need that cycle of work, wind down, rest, plan, start again.

So as you feel your energy levels start to drop with the cooling of the weather, take a moment, take a morning, just take time to slow down and let your body and mind rest and rejuvenate, so you can make sure that you are still continuing in the right direction.

Do you take time to rest and rejuvenate? What is your favorite way to wind down? Drop me a comment below and let me know what you think.

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