Friday Follows – Day 64 (You are Enough by Adam Roa)

I have shared this blog today as it has a Clip that I recently discovered by Adam Roa of a spoken word piece called “You are Enough”…. You really need to see this!!!

I Am Still Born

I have always felt like I needed to carefully curate my writing. I felt like I could never fully express myself with fear of offending someone, not being liked or thinking what I had to say wasn’t important. What I have realised though is I don’t need permission to write freely. It took Hamish to come along for me to learn that lesson. I feel free now. Free from the fear of the worst happening. What is there to fear when your deepest fear was realised. What is there to fear when we only live once. What is there to fear about sharing my gifts with others.

Tonight I went to see the lovely Adam Roa perform his poetry about choosing love. Adam talked about how our thoughts become our reality. Our beliefs become our emotions which become our thoughts which become our circumstances which become our actions which become…

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