Declaration to myself – Go with the flow.

So, I fell off again.

Day to day life is getting in the way of me posting five days a week like I planned at the start of the year. I thought that once the kids were back in school I would be able pump posts out left, right and centre; I would have a huge heap of scheduled posts to give me a safety net for those says where I just couldn’t get a chance to write. Instead I am down to my last scheduled post and have missed a few days again. Instead of my imagined sessions of knocking out two or three posts a day, I am finding an endless round of community events that need a cake baked for, an never-ending merry go round of tidying and housework and then of course a few parental duties like excursions and P&C Meetings thrown in for fun… (can you feel the sarcasm?)

So….how do I fix this? Hire a personal assistant, maid, or personal chef? Cut down on my decadent 3-4 hours of sleep I get a night? Lock my family in the cellar so they will stop asking me to do things like cook dinner and spend time with them? Or could I just maybe ease up on myself and realize that sometimes life does happen regardless of our futile attempts to control it?

I think I am going to go with the last option there… So this is my declaration to myself (and notice to you guys) that I will attempt to post five days a week still, it may be Mon-Fri or it may be a mash up with a day out here and there…either way, I will post as often as possible and not beat myself up if I don’t always get one done before collapsing into bed at night. Life is fluid and to actually get some enjoyment out of this wild ride, we need to go with flow, not struggle against the stream. Save the fights for causes that really need them, don’t waste your energy on beating up yourself when there are so many other worthwhile issues to tackle.

And with that I am going to sign off and say goodnight and spend some quality time with my family without that little voice whispering in my mind “You haven’t got that done yet..”

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