Intentional Self Care…

I am having my first ever Reiki Session tomorrow. I am really excited! This year, I have set an intention to push past my comfort zones, and actually take time to care for myself more and exploring my spiritual side is a big part of this. I am really proud that I am actually sticking to my intention. I even went and got a new haircut yesterday…Something that I haven’t done in a VERY long time!!!

Ever since I was an adult (probably even as a kid, but I don’t remember those…) I have been making New Year Resolutions, I would stick to them for a day, a week, maybe a month if I was really on fire. But sooner or later they would peter out and sometimes I couldn’t even remember what they were by the end of the Year. This year, I have tried another tact. I set an Intention instead of a Resolution.

Aren’t they the same thing I hear you say? Well I suppose it depends on your definition. A Resolution generally focuses on some area of your life that you feel is not up to scratch. Maybe you want to lose weight so you make a Resolution to Drop 2 dress sizes, or Go down a loop on your belt. This is pretty much saying “My Body is not satisfactory and needs to change”. Not a very positive thought to be bouncing around upstairs.

An Intention acknowledges that we are already perfect as we are. We may still see areas where we would like to move forward in, but Intentions allow us to do it in a positive, healing way where the focus is the journey of health rather than the destination of “I am two dress sizes smaller”  An Intention around weight or body size might be something along the lines of “I am grateful for my body and will respect its strength”. An Intention like this helps to reaffirm how amazing our bodies are and through reminding ourselves to respect our bodies we open the doors to a whole new world of possibilities like Healthier Eating, More Exercise, Less Stress about our Weight and so on. These possibilities make our original goal of losing weight more attainable as we have changed our outlook and activities in alignment with our Intention and thus started treating our bodies better so they get healthier ( and smaller sometimes, or bigger if you wish to put weight on, or more toned if you wished for that)

Intentions aren’t like Goals or Resolutions, where it makes them sound better when you get specific and measurable like I will do 2 hours of Gym everyday, or I will Earn $100,000 dollars this year. Intentions let you aim high like “I will incorporate more Joy into my Life” or “I will be open to the opportunities that come my way” They are openended and can change with reflection They allow you to do little things each day to slowly change habits you wish to lose. Big Change often means Big Failure…However Little Change can add up to Big Success.

My Intention this year is that “I am capable and worthy of success. I welcome abundance into my life and push past my comfort zones to achieve greatness”

And I will keep making little changes and incorporating self care into my life so I achieve the destiny that I know is out there for me. It’s hard to tackle a big job when you are exhausted. So I am trying to make sure my cup is full so I can grab onto any opportunities that come my way and fulfill as many of the wild dreams and plans that I can!!

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  1. Louise Woods says:

    What wonderful inspiring words reveals up and read..
    I look forward to hearing about reike,always wanted to but was a little wiery of it.
    I have to agree resolutions can way heavy on you and can get you disheartened.
    Thank you for the positive step in my stride today…..

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    1. Thank you for the positive step your comment has put in my stride this evening! 😘

      Liked by 1 person

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