Thursday Thoughts – Two is One and One is None.

So, brief backstory to my post. I went into town today to do some grocery shopping. “In town” means an hour drive to the next large town who has a multitude of supermarkets, fresh produce stores and general signs of civilization. I do my shopping with a three yr old in tow (we all know how much fun that is!) and drove an hour home, only to discover my large chest freezer has died.. it is now a hot box filled with smelly half recognisable bits of food and a nice pool of meaty water in the bottom….

Not really what I wanted to be dealing with whilst defending the newly purchased groceries from my horde of starved monsters…whoops! I meant three darling children…

Thankfully we live a small town that is big on community so we have already sourced a replacement and had numerous offers of “I have space in my freezer if you need to store anything”

But in the process of finding the replacement my partner suggested something out of the ordinary… Why don’t we get two. One to use and One to keep in case it breaks or we need extra freezer room… After all we do live in an area where it is common to do your meat shopping “by the beast”.

His suggestion reminded me of an old saying that I fell in love with during my “Prepper” times… Two is One and One is None.

In this modern time of inbuilt obsolescence and cheaper consumer goods, that saying has become outdated. After all you can always just pop to the local mall and pick another one up…unless of course you live in a rural area where the local mall might be an hour away, just like mine is.

Does this saying have more weight to it in a Country setting? Or am I just looking for any excuse to let my inner hoarder free?

Hoarder or not, having a back up is generally not seen to be a bad thing, but I am still struggling with the idea that we need two chest freezers, one of which won’t be plugged in most times, just in case one breaks. Which is strange because I am happy to have two washing machines, one for Just In Case. And two Fridges, and Two TV’s and Two Laptops….but not two Freezers for some strange reason…

If the world as we know it had ended and you couldn’t just pop to the store to get a replacement, I would be totally fine to have two (or more) for spares…we have the room to store them easily, so what’s the problem? Am I just giving in to the need to be mainstream and just replace stuff as it breaks or am I just being stubborn?

Whatever it is I think we will get the second freezer…

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  1. mybackyardgarden4b says:

    “inbuilt obsolescence” — great phrase and a hated byproduct of capitalism that has replaced “built to last.” We’re also contemplating a second freezer. We’re in the city but want storage for food that has not been mass produced. Thanks for a great post.

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    1. It is amazing the changes we see when we go from the built to last mentality to the inbuilt obsolescence mindset…. It is a sad state of affairs when you are consider a hipster if you prefer op shops and repurposing goods to hanging at the mall and being wasteful…. Let’s hope we can turn the tide and get back to a time when you could expect more than 5 years service out of our whitegoods!

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  2. Louise Woods says:

    That saying is suitable to the country life…
    I must say we have two freezers(one turned off), three fridges(one turned off)four tv’s, three laptops, a desktop, three washing machine(one is a spare)a iPad,iPod,tablet and a broken iPad mini..
    I am sure the list could be endless if I sat and really thought.
    Great title and love your saying.


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