Thursday Thoughts – The Universe works in Mysterious Ways…

We have all heard it a thousands times, whenever a coincidence occurs, “The Universe works in mysterious ways” or “God works in mysterious ways”.

Depending on your take on things, depends on which version you resonate with. Personally, I am an “Universe” kind of girl… But either way, it’s such a true statement. Whoever or Whatever that is the higher power certainly does work in mysterious ways.

A series of ‘coincidences’ in the last month have really highlighted this very notion to me. Things that appeared to be major dramas, turned out to actually be blessings. I have always been an optimist, so can usually find the silver lining in any grey cloud. But at the moment it seems that the coincidences are piling up and shouting at me “Hold on, there is something bigger at play here”

We received a notice that a local authority required us to undertake what we thought would be expensive repairs on our home, however it turned out that the repairs required were actually only minor and the cost was no where near as high as we expected. We also made a great contact who will be able to help with future plans we have. The my two year old switched off a master switch and our printer and chest freezer lost all power. We didn’t realize she had turned off the master switch and thought both our freezer and printer had died, we replaced them only to discover that they didn’t need to be replaced at all. We now had the second chest freezer and upgraded printer that we had begun talking about acquiring twelve months prior. I could go on but this would end up a very long post indeed. It seemed like a higher power out there had been forcing our hand and creating situations that forced us to fulfill the plans that we had been “gonna do” for years.

But surely that’s just hippy talk. It might sound like we were silly and didn’t investigate all our options before deciding that the printer and freezer had died, or maybe we had been neglectful and not undertaken necessary repairs on our home. Of course, depending on your view that may be correct. However when you add up all the coincidences and start to look at them altogether, there is too much happening with too much scope for this to simply be a series of fortunate coincidences. There is something else at play here.

In the last few months I have felt myself growing and being drawn toward my spiritual side more and more. I seem to always stumble across links or podcasts in my daily web travels that lead me to new outlooks or perspectives, and usually even more questions…every now and then these little trips will lead to an insight on something that has been perplexing me or niggling away at my sub-conscious.

This journey didn’t start out at any obvious point. At no time in the past few years can I recall a moment where I said, to myself or others, “You know what, I think I am going to get all spiritual and stuff” but without warning (and like most big changes) it kinda crept up on me. and before I  knew it, I was saying stuff like “Blame it on the Mercury Retrograde” or “This is simply a learning experience in your journey, you have a lesson that you haven’t grasped yet”

I have no idea where this journey will lead to, but I must admit, the journey itself is so exciting that I not even contemplating a final destination. I am simply enjoying the ride.

But I am starting to realize that what I put out through my thoughts, and of course actions (or reactions more to the point) counts very heavily to what I get back. I am starting to learn that when I  formulate my desires and intentions and release these to the Universe, that the Universe sends back its answers in an eerie and oddly spot on way. ( and everyone can do this, it’s not just me. You just have to be open to the possibility) . It is as if the Universe is actually listening and my intentions are manifesting my reality. It is both exciting but immensely scary at the same time. No longer can I complain that the reason things aren’t going my way is because of some faceless entity that is trying to stop me. It is because I am stopping myself. It also means that I am responsible for my situation and only I can fix it. The Buck stops with Me.

As I start to look at the bigger picture; and see that We are all Connected, We are all Energy, that the Universe is not simply lots of space with some pretty stars and planets thrown in for fun, and that we, as part of that Universe have amazing abilities and resources that we can tap into, I am starting to see that there is so much that is missing from Western society and culture.

And we are so much poorer without it.



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