What’s for Dinner?

I feel like I am a robot. Decide, Prepare, Cook, Clean, Repeat. I struggle to come up with healthy, tasty meals night in and night out. Thankfully, there are not many take out options in our neck of the woods. Its an hour drive to the nearest KFC, or McDonalds, or even to a Pizza Delivery Shop. So the loads falls on me most nights.

Some days I am thinking about the next dinner cycle even before the current one is finished. Magically,  I find time to prepare Breakfast and Lunch whilst still pondering the never ending question of What’s for Dinner? It’s like a constant cycle, breathe in, breathe out, what’s for dinner, breathe in, breathe out, what’s for dinner.

As I cycle through the options, consider individuals’ likes and dislikes, schedules and level of difficulty I find that I always have a little voice that says “There is an easier way” and I know it’s right. I could spend a day here and there and make up big batch meals. Or even just prepare the ingredients ready to go, to throw together easily and avoid the crazy after school evening shuffle.  And yet I am still here night after night, morning after morning, asking myself “What’s for Dinner?”

I have aspired to Menu Planning for at least a decade now. I have had little forays into it but they always peter out… But I still wistfully recall those wondrous times of being able to open the fridge or freezer and know exactly what we were having for dinner, and that half or all of the preparation had already been done. It’s like a version of Mum Heaven, possibly only topped by a Washing Basket that folds AND puts away the washing after you got it off the line.

But you know what, even after all the stops and half done meal plans, I am going to give it another shot. Thankfully we have this wonderful resource these days called an internet, so sourcing recipes and reading up on tips and tricks is easy… its actually sitting down and putting it together that the hiccups start. So I have decided I am going to use this blog to help me along the way… If you have any pointers or recipes that are perfect for bulk batch cooking and Meal Planning please drop me a comment below…I am going to need all the help I can get!!!


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  1. Louise Woods says:

    You sound like me.
    I meal plan Monday to friday(if I remember) then weekends is please myself..
    I will try to find some good recipes.


    1. Awesome! Would love to see anything you want to share!

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  2. julie says:

    I love cooking http://julienne.red/2016/08/18/northwoods-beer-can-chicken/ because it’s just as easy to cook two as it is to cook one. Then the second one can be the next night’s enchiladas, quesadillas, S​anta Fe stew, chicken noodle soup, or even sandwiches. And half the second night’s work is already done! I’m going to follow along, see what else you come up with. Great thread!


    1. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it! I will have to check out your site for some foodie inspiration….

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      1. julie says:

        I hope you find some!


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