Thursday Thoughts – Cut Wood While The Sun Shines….

It’s Winter time here… So that means our fire is permanently lit, and will be until at least September. That means we need wood… Lots of wood!

Cutting firewood has traditionally been relegated to the man of the house chore list… But this year we have made a concerted effort to get the kids involved and out into the fresh (and chilly) air.

Rain has been forecast for the end of this week…. Lots of rain, which is great for the farmers in the district. But not so good for the act of gathering firewood. Wet wood doesn’t burn properly, is heavy and can clog up your fireplace with ash as the wood doesn’t burn down properly. So for the last two days we have been out giving the chainsaw a good run and trying to stock up before the weather turns and we are stuck inside.


And I have to say, cutting wood this week has not felt like a chore at all!! The Sun has been out, we have been exploring a new patch of bush with so much fallen wood that finding and cutting it has been a dream!!! When you throw my three little munchkins into the mix, it has been a heart warming, enjoyable time! Seeing the kids running around and exploring the bush and all its surprises has made the drudgery of this mundane task simply disappear!


It is also great to see the kids out and being active instead of cooped up indoors glued to screens or whinging because they cant be glued to screens. I’m sure I am not the only Mum who has a constant battle with dragging her kids away from Minecraft/YouTube/TV.

On top of all of that, is the simple joy my heart seems to find in being outdoors exploring, enjoying and simply being there with birds and sunshine and the intoxicating scent of the Australian Bush. ( If you don’t know what I am talking about, think a gorgeous mix of Earthy, Spicy, Eucalyptus/Pine scent…It is unique and if I ever leave Australia I will miss it fiercely!!)

Finding Joy in the usually mundane tasks is the secret to happiness I think. And for these last few months where I have been consciously doing that, have been some of the happiest of my life.  I am going to keep going out there and chopping my wood whilst the sun shines…and be damn grateful that I have a strong and healthy body to do so, as well as an amazing spot to do it in!!


What do you think the secret to happiness is? Drop me a comment below and let me in on your secret….


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  1. Louise Woods says:

    We make hay while the sun shines ☀️🔆🌞

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    1. We all do what we can 😉

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