How to Build a Birthday House.

Last Thursday was Miss 3’s Birthday, and like most 3yr olds, she is obsessed with balloons and hiding. We decided to play to those obsessions and build her a birthday hidey house that we could fill with balloons for a big surprise. We had one condition, it had to be cheap because our Little Miss 3 is known in our household as “The Destructor”. She can and does break and trash anything and everything.

We decided to ask the local electrical store if they had an old fridge or washing machine box, and voila! We had a free, huge Washing Machine Box to use. After a quick (it’s only an hour each way) trip to town, we hit the $2 shop and had a huge bag of wrapping paper, streamers, balloons, and sparkly bows to decorate our Big Birthday Surprise. We were all set to get to work.

It was the night before the Birthday, we covered the box in Wrapping Paper and cut a door and a window in it. Lots of sticky tape was all we used to keep the wrapping paper on. It was then decided to add a roof with the skin of an old postal box. We attached this with skewers, poking them down into the thick walls of the washing machine box, and then skewering the roof in place. The skewers that were sticking up through the roof we used as hand held streamer bundle holders. The kids loved pulling those off and jumping around with them.

Once we finished decorating the house, we popped her presents inside and then filled the house with balloons. The house itself only took about an hour to make and decorate. Filling up all the balloons to go inside took a lot longer!!! Next time we will definitely invest in a balloon pump!

The Birthday morning started bright and early. I camped in the family room on the lounge just to make sure there were no 3 am sneaky wake ups that resulted in mayhem and destruction. On the dot at 6 o’clock little footsteps started down the hallway. By some stroke of luck all the kids got up at once and descended on the lounge room. Squeals of delight announced Miss 3’s arrival, she made a beeline for the house and ripped a piece of the wrapping paper off the window ledge. Mr 7 and Miss 5 were so excited that they got to help pull the balloons out of the Birthday House.

Needless to say it was an extremely chaotic morning, and once the big kids hopped on the school bus, Miss 3 spent most of the day in her little house playing with her presents.

As predicted, by bedtime the house had been destroyed. We dismantled it after the kids were in bed and ripped it up for kindling for the fire, leaving nothing to throw out but the sparkly bows. .

Out of all of her presents on her birthday, it was the house she seemed to spend the most time with, and the one present that she got to play with her siblings with. All in all, as usual, it wasn’t the store bought presents that won out on one of my kids birthday… MakeYourOwn wins every time!

Do you MakeYourOwn for birthday or special occasions?

Join in the conversation and tell me about your creations in the comments below!

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