It’s Plastic Free July! Here’s how not to burn out by the end of the first week…

Unless you have been hiding in a cave, you are probably aware it is the first day of Plastic Free July.

Social Media peeps with a even a hint of green on the side have been blogging furiously about the upcoming month long celebration of sustainable living.

It’s natural, you are curious, could you really live Plastic Free for a whole month? I mean, this is a big commitment… You are gonna need to remember your refillable water bottles and shopping bags every day for a whole month!

STOP RIGHT THERE! You have missed the point completely. Yes, ideally, the month of July would see the world stop and take notice of how much plastic is in our lives, make a huge change and remove all the unnecessary single use plastic from the world, by the end of the month with no interruptions to our usual routines. But we all know that isn’t how these things roll. Instead, a large majority will see the repeat Plastic Free July posts, briefly consider sustainable choices like a reusable shopping bag, or those cool Stainless Steel straws they saw at the cafe the other day and go back to what they were doing. Instead of an impossible goal of changing the world in 30 days, Plastic Free July aims to get you thinking about how you can reduce society’s dependence on single use plastic by reducing your own, one step at a time.

However some of you gorgeous people actually really get into living responsibly, and the challenge of a whole month of making sustainable choices really does excite you… But how do you keep a steady pace and not burn out and go back to normal after a few days of disappointments and let downs cause you just couldn’t manage to find that one product you absolutely needed right now, in a plastic free form or package…

Quiet simply, you just have to let that shit go.. Sometimes you are gonna caught, and not be able to substitute. Sometimes that seemingly sustainable packaging is gonna have a sneaky plastic lining. It is impossible to completely de-plastic your life in 30 days. Unless you are Gwyneth Paltrow and have team of minions to scrub your life clean of all unsustainable materials .. And it definitely is if you want to still continue some semblance of your previous life.

So, you need to pick a few key things, like reusable water bottle, shopping bags, frequenting places where you know you can take your own containers or bags for your produce, meat, bread etc. Also keeping a travel mug for takeaway cuppas is a great way to cut down on these little emergency plastic moments. By Highlighting a few key areas where you know you can cut down, and making a habit out of it. You can make a big difference to your plastic quota in July. Keep it up for the whole month and you might just have yourself a new unconscious behaviour that sticks with you for life.. And that is what Plastic Free July is all about… Making new habits out of good choices!

I hope you have a wonderful Plastic Free July!

If you want to see what sustainable items we swap out, check out our store for some great ideas!

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