Introducing 5Pack Wraps! Otherwise known as our way to reduce our (and your) carbon footprint ..

So I have been thinking, there is a lot of unnecessary waste involved when selling multiples of our Wraps.

We have had a huge upsurge in business lately. Lots of wraps going off to new homes. Many of our orders have been for multiple wraps.


This requires just around 40cm of Twine, A Packaging Card and an Instruction Sheet…. for each wrap.

This wasn’t sitting right with me.

My mission behind this business was to get people thinking about the way they live their life, and how they can minimise the waste they send to landfills. And here we were adding all this extra waste (admittedly, all our packaging is bio-degradable, but still.)


With these thoughts swirling, we came up with our newest idea!! 5Pack Wraps!!!

Put simply, 5Pack Wraps are exactly what they sound like, 5 x 30cm Bees Wax Wraps all packaged up together.

And to add a cherry on top, we are kicking in FREE POSTAGE with all 5Pack Wraps sold!!!

You can choose from three different packs, The Kids Pack, The Bees Knees Pack and The Adult Pack.

The Kids Pack – With Elsa and Anna, Ponies and Unicorns. This pack will suit the little girl in your life!

The Bees Knees Pack – 4 Different Bee Themed Designs so we can remember just who to thank for these gorgeous wraps!

The Adult Pack – 3 Different Themed Wraps, a random selection of Nebula, Gum Blossoms and Triangles. Perfect for the Adult who wants colourful a stylish eco-choice for their food.

So how much wastage are we saving?

Every 5Wrap Pack sold, saves approx 1.5m of Twine, 4 Packaging Cards and 4 Inserts…




Our packaging footprint goes down to this….





Which stops a nice little handful of waste going into your bin. It may not seem like much, but every little thing counts!!

Speaking of waste not going in the bin, did you know that by replacing a single plastic wrapped sandwich a day with a BeesWax Wrapped Sandwich, you are saving over a metre a week of single use plastic wrapping from ending up in landfill?  And that’s just one sandwich a day, five days a week?

And for bonus brownie points, the wraps themselves are also bio-degradable and compostable. Once they have reached the end of their life you can simply pop them in the compost secure in the knowledge that it will break down and return to the Earth.

In case you were wondering, all of our Wraps are handmade in the NSW Riverina, using 100% Cotton and locally sourced Bees Wax.

You can purchase your 5Wrap Pack here.

If you have any questions on our products, please contact us here. 

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