Save the Bees…

Our planet is facing widespread decline in our insect population. In the winter of 2018, the US experienced a 40% decline in their bee population. Thankfully figures in Australia have not  such an extreme downturn.

The current news of Bee Colony declines are very worrisome. Bees are vital for our agriculture, when you consider that around 100 crop species provide 90% of the food supplies for 146 countries; of these food crops, 71 are Bee Pollinated.

Bees are important parts of any garden. They help to pollinate the plants that live in our gardens. Without Bees, we wouldn’t have such beautiful fruits and vegetables, nor would our plants continue to propagate and self seed.

We can all do our own little bit to make our gardens inviting  places for Bees to visit. Plants like Sage, Lavender, Borage, Rosemary and Echinacea are marvelous at attracting and feeding hardworking Bees. They also have the added benefit of attracting Butterflies, to help make your garden an even more enchanting place to be.

In the hot Australian Summer, it is a good idea to leave some bowls of water out for Bees to drink from. Make sure they have a stable landing platform so they don’t drown.

Providing Bees with an attractive and nourishing habitat, we can help assure their survival in an increasingly dangerous world, and help secure our food chain as well.

Even those who don’t have a garden can still do their own little bit to help provide a rest stop for busy Bees. Our “Save the Bees” Home Grown Pollination Kit from LifeCykel provides you with all you need to start your own Bee Habitat, in your garden, or even on your apartment balcony if thats all you have spare.


wp-15788046972991090295573.jpgThe LifeCykel “Save the Bees” Home Grown Pollination Kit contains

2 Varieties of Seeds – Borage and Alyssum

Coffee Compost Mix

Ready to Grow Recycled Coffee Cups

Instructions on Use.

You can purchase your own “Save the Bees” Home Grown Pollination Kit direct from us.




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