Who is MakeYourOwnHome?


I am a self confessed country girl who loves to be able Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Replace! And I love to give others the tools to do so as well!!

I make and sell BeesWax Wraps and show others how to do so too.

Essential Oils are a big must in my household so I needed to find good sources of Quality Oils! I have done the hard yards and found great suppliers so you can by your 100% Pure, No Dilution Essential Oils with out the hefty MLM price tag or the strange fillers. We are transparent with our ingredients and processes, and love to talk tips, tricks and recipes!!

As a mum of three small children I realized pretty early on in my parenting days that most of the readily available products were full of things that I really didn’t want my children being exposed to on a regular basis.

MakeYourOwnHome was born from my attempts to detox unnecessary toxins out of my family’s life. I love to share that continuing journey with others. Come and see what we have been looking at, making, reading or getting passionate about on our FaceBook Page or Instagram page!

If you are concerned about the toxic man made additives in your lives or just love being self sufficient and making it yourself, then this is the place for you!!

Check out the great products I make and source here!!

Enjoy and feel free to ask any questions you may have below! I would love to help you MakeYourOwnHome!



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