Thursday Thoughts – Happy Birthday!!!

Birthdays are a big subject in my house at the moment with my birthday tomorrow and my daughters fifth birthday in two weeks so they are kinda on my mind…

Declaration to myself – Go with the flow.

Life is fluid and to actually get some enjoyment out of this wild ride, we need to go with flow, not struggle against the stream. Save the fights for causes that really need them, don’t waste your energy on beating up yourself when there are so many other worthwhile issues to tackle. 

Friday Follows – Day 64 (You are Enough by Adam Roa)

Originally posted on I Am Still Born:
I have always felt like I needed to carefully curate my writing. I felt like I could never fully express myself with fear of offending someone, not being liked or thinking what I had to say wasn’t important. What I have realised though is I don’t need permission…

Thursday Thoughts – As the Seasons Change

Traditionally, the changing season used to call for a change in the work pace. Summer was a time of rabid speed, getting as much as you could possibly get done whilst the sunlight was stronger and more plentiful. Autumn was for finalising things and getting ready for Winter.

Where to go to find out more about Essential Oils….

In today’s internet, instant gratification society it can be overwhelming to know where to start… that’s why I have compiled a list of places to start looking, for more information, great products and advice on how to use Essential Oils.

Thursday Thoughts…

Can you hear that? That beautiful sound of nothing, no fights, no arguing, no “Mum!! I’m Hungry!!” It’s bliss!!! School is back!!  I have had a clean house for three consecutive days!!! As you might have noticed, I am not one of those emotional mums who sees their angels off with tears…. I am the…


Originally posted on Top Survival HQ:
Keeping in vein with my Thursday Post on Preparation… Duct Tape is one of the most versatile and useful things you can have in a Bug Out Bag… as you can see from this info pic there are many uses… I have even seen it used to make a hammock… do you know of any…

Thursday Thoughts – Preparation

What would you do if a natural disaster struck in your area. How would you keep your family safe, what preparations could you make now to ensure the highest chance of survival?