Caltrops and Catheads.

If you are looking for a cute post about kitty’s, STOP NOW!
This Post is not about anything cute or cuddly, it focuses on the scourge of many a barefoot person, a horrible, sharp, spiky, insidious little thing called “a cathead”

Save the Bees…

Our planet is facing widespread decline in our insect population. In the winter of 2018, the US experienced a 40% decline in their bee population. Thankfully figures in Australia have not  such an extreme downturn. The current news of Bee Colony declines are very worrisome. Bees are vital for our agriculture, when you consider that…

Intentional Self Care…

I am having my first ever Reiki Session tomorrow. I am really excited! This year, I have set an intention to push past my comfort zones, and actually take time to care for myself more and exploring my spiritual side is a big part of this. I am really proud that I am actually sticking…

Daydreamers Unite

A Daydreamer lost in thought…. A phrase that is usually used in a derogatory, critical way, usually in regards to school kids not paying attention in class.

But I think Daydreamers are brave souls who can see that they want to change and improve their life or world… Change is a scary thing for a lot of people, just admitting that change is desired can be a big step in itself!

A Not So Good Morning Wake Up…..

You can have all the good intentions in the world to wake up and and start the day right, with love in your heart and a spring in your step. But when you have small children in the house, those intentions can get chewed up and spat out real quickly….

2018 Goals

I’m just gonna put it out there……2018 is going to be big!!! 

To the Extreme!! (Part 2)

Our days merged into one another while we discovered how fulfilling it is to not have those worries of a 9-5 job, traffic, and busy social schedules with no time for yourself. We also discovered that it is damn hard work to get ANYTHING done whilst trying to entertain a 1 year old on the side of a mountain.

To the Extreme!!

we had high and lofty dreams to live off the grid in a cabin in the woods that we had built ourselves, to raise our own chickens and grow a big veggie garden to feed us.

Unlike most people, we were actually given the opportunity to follow our dream….and this is our story….