Caltrops and Catheads.

If you are looking for a cute post about kitty’s, STOP NOW!
This Post is not about anything cute or cuddly, it focuses on the scourge of many a barefoot person, a horrible, sharp, spiky, insidious little thing called “a cathead”

Thursday Thoughts – As the Seasons Change

Traditionally, the changing season used to call for a change in the work pace. Summer was a time of rabid speed, getting as much as you could possibly get done whilst the sunlight was stronger and more plentiful. Autumn was for finalising things and getting ready for Winter.

Where to go to find out more about Essential Oils….

In today’s internet, instant gratification society it can be overwhelming to know where to start… that’s why I have compiled a list of places to start looking, for more information, great products and advice on how to use Essential Oils.

Summer Diffuser Blends to help you beat the heat!!!

It’s officially Summer in Australia….days are spent at the pool or beach, thongs stick to the melted bitumen on the road and temperatures soar until the afternoon thunderstorm rolls in to cool everything down for a short while….. Now is the time for Citrusy, Refreshing scents in your diffuser….and here a few to get you…

To the Extreme!! (Part 2)

Our days merged into one another while we discovered how fulfilling it is to not have those worries of a 9-5 job, traffic, and busy social schedules with no time for yourself. We also discovered that it is damn hard work to get ANYTHING done whilst trying to entertain a 1 year old on the side of a mountain.

To the Extreme!!

we had high and lofty dreams to live off the grid in a cabin in the woods that we had built ourselves, to raise our own chickens and grow a big veggie garden to feed us.

Unlike most people, we were actually given the opportunity to follow our dream….and this is our story….