Where to go to find out more about Essential Oils….

In today’s internet, instant gratification society it can be overwhelming to know where to start…..so that’s why I have compiled a list of places to start looking, for more information, great products and advice on how to use Essential Oils.

Summer Diffuser Blends to help you beat the heat!!!

It’s officially Summer in Australia….days are spent at the pool or beach, thongs stick to the melted bitumen on the road and temperatures soar until the afternoon thunderstorm rolls in to cool everything down for a short while….. Now is the time for Citrusy, Refreshing scents in your diffuser….and here a few to get you…

What are you reading Wednesday?

So I have been tossing around the idea of doing a post each week on what I have been reading. This post is the first in my weekly Wednesday posts on what I have had my nose stuck in this week.