Caltrops and Catheads.

If you are looking for a cute post about kitty’s, STOP NOW!
This Post is not about anything cute or cuddly, it focuses on the scourge of many a barefoot person, a horrible, sharp, spiky, insidious little thing called “a cathead”

Inspiring those that Inspire Us.

As you may have figured out from previous posts, I am a Mum; That (usually) celebrated mythical creature who keeps all the juggling balls in the air with grace, poise and dignity…   Who am I kidding, there hasn’t been a Mum alive who hasn’t dropped the ball at some stage; and those rare dropped balls…

How to Build a Birthday House.

Last Thursday was Miss 3’s Birthday, and like most 3yr olds, she is obsessed with balloons and hiding. We decided to play to those obsessions and build her a birthday hidey house that we could fill with balloons for a big surprise. We had one condition, it had to be cheap because our Little Miss…

What’s for Dinner?

As I cycle through the options, consider individuals’ likes and dislikes, schedules and level of difficulty I find that I always have a little voice that says “There is an easier way”

Thursday Thoughts – The Universe works in Mysterious Ways…

In the last few months I have felt myself growing and being drawn toward my spiritual side more and more. I seem to always stumble across links or podcasts in my daily web travels that lead me to new outlooks or perspectives, and usually even more questions..

Thursday Thoughts – Two is One and One is None.

Two is One and One is None.
In this modern time of inbuilt obsolescence and cheaper consumer goods, that saying has become outdated. After all you can always just pop to the local mall and pick another one up…unless of course you live in a rural area where the local mall might be an hour away, just like mine is.